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Tal Miller

Aviv Mottale


Aviv, 19, a young army soldier is accused of being responsible for a tragic terrorist attack on his base, in which his best friend was killed. 15 years later, still traumatized and burdened by the incident, he steals a reserves draft order mistakenly sent to his deceased friend, and enlists to a unit headed by his former commander who previously led the accusations against him.

Based on a true story.


The year—2001. The place—the Marganit outpost, southern Gaza. As the film opens, the second Intifada (uprising) is underway, and the Israeli army is focusing its resources fighting terror organizations in the West Bank. Meanwhile, the Gaza strip is considered non-active, and the soldiers’ sporadic reports are largely ignored.

AVIV, 19, is one of six soldiers securing the outpost in Gush Katif, an area of Israeli settlements in the southern Gaza strip. His best friend at the outpost is TZAHI, a soldier his age, who looks a lot like him. They could almost be brothers.

On one foggy night, Aviv stands alone in the watchtower, when a squad of terrorists infiltrate the base and open fire. Three Israeli soldiers are killed, including Tzahi, and several wounded, including Aviv.

An investigation begins, led by the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel RAMIZ, 40, a charismatic, sharp and impulsive officer of Druze descent.

Aviv finds himself on a hopeless battle, against the system who’s trying to blame onto the junior ranks for the incident. Media reports accuse him of cowardice and any attempt on his part or by his parents to present the true circumstances is quieted by Aviv's commanders who forbid him to speak out.

The investigation places the responsibility solely on Aviv and the other lower-ranking officers.  Ramiz even tells Aviv that a fighter in his situation should have come home in a body bag. Guilty and humiliated, Aviv is deposed from his unit and transferred to a home front command unit. Together with his friends he goes to the graves of his killed comrades from the outpost.                                                          

* * *

15 years later, Aviv (himself) and his Marganit outpost friends meet in the cemetery where Tzahi is buried.

Tzahi’s mother finds a military summons for reserve duty, mistakenly sent to her dead son. Aviv, determined to clear his conscience, takes the summons, impersonates Tzahi, and enlists for the reserve duty in a division headed by Ramiz, his former commander and the man responsible for kicking him out of his unit.

An unplanned military action taking place while IDF is preparing for yet another ground invasion to the Gaza Strip, will provide Aviv the opportunity to clear himself of all guilt and get the redemption he was so craving for.




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