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Tawfik Abu Wael



Arabic, Hebrew

Metro Communications - David Silber

Majdal Films - Baher Agbariya

HASSAN has been nicknamed “Wise Hassan” since he was a little boy as he was a genius in mathematics. Now, he is almost 29, still living with his mother in a small Palestinian village, helping her run a modest grocery store, dreaming of studying abroad.

ABU KHALED, an influential figure in the Palestinian Authority, offers Hassan a deal that will allow him to realize his dream: Hassan must infiltrate Israel, make his way to Tel Aviv, find an informant by the name of LABIB who killed Abu Khaled's son and to kill him. Hassan, who knew both of them as a teenager comes to the conclusion that Abu Khaled’s offer is his best chance of altering his fate and embarking on a new life.

Hassan makes it to Tel Aviv, and starts searching for Labib on the beach, where Labib supposedly works.

When a woman notices Hassan she recognizes him. He, on the other hand, does not. Soon enough he discovers it is Labib—now a transgender woman named LULU.

Hassan is able to cleverly gain her trust, and she invites him to crash at her place. She even sets him up with a job at a gay/trans club in Tel Aviv.

On his first night, a SHABAK agent raids the club and tells him he know all about his mission, but instead of arresting him, he urges him to get the job done.

Hassan is in an impossible situation. He must kill Lulu, and yet, at the same time, he has bonded with her, and grew to like her.

Hassan realizes that Lulu is on to him, but she does not confront him. She just wants Hassan to kill her and put her out of her misery. Until that happens, she and Hassan experience moments of pure friendship, love and sexuality. 

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