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Tal Miller



English, Hebrew


Based on a true story.


Twenty years before becoming Israel's most extreme Knesset member, Rabi Meir Kahane is an American citizen leading a double life.


Meir Kahane is a married, father of two, living in the Jewish community of Laurelton, Queens. He is a junior Rabi with major dreams - rescuing his people from a second holocaust and leading them safely to the Promised Land. Dreams that are constantly belittled and dismissed by all who surround him, his parents and wife included.


Michael King is an undercover FBI agent who successfully infiltrated the anti-Semitic organization "John Birch", and who is romantically involved with Christian actor Gloria D'Argenio. Gloria, unaware of King's true identity, is not only the love of his life, but also his partner and confidant in his undercover work, and the first person to ever believe and encourage him.


When his web of lies and secrets begin to untangle, Kahane must choose between his political ambitions and the woman he loves. A choice which will lead to a hazardous fusion of his identities, desires and delusions of grandeur. A choice which will eventually lead him on a new path of profound inner turmoil but with a great public influence, and extreme political views.  


















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