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Sari Azoulay Turgeman

Hallel Yannay Shani

Daniel Litman

Adi Gilat

Ofek Pesach

Moris Cohen

Post Production

Metro Communications - David Silber

Metaphor- Ronen Machlis-Balzam



Hebrew, English, Greek

Haifa, middle of the night. Fourteen year old Maya is running away from home. She is riding her bicycle, moving fast towards the port of Haifa where the family sailboat is docked. By sunrise, she is sailing the Mediterranean Sea. Her destination is the port of Larnaca where The Meteor is docked. A cargo ship Maya's father works on.

The wind is strong on the open sea and Maya is struggling. She arrives too late to the port Larnaca, just in time to witness The Meteor departing for its next destination. Maya tries to follow the ship but her engine fails. She needs help.

Franco Foliani is a 34 year old skipper who see Maya's distress and offers to fix the boats' engine on the condition she agrees to take him along to Crete, her next port of call. Not having another option, she agrees.

Back in Haifa, Orly, Maya's mother, discovers that Maya is missing and begins a search. Maya's older brother, Asaf, is on leave from the army and returns home. Both are very concerned. They don't know where she can be and don't know what to do.

On their journey from Larnaca to Crete, Franco teaches Maya survival tricks and all appears to be going well. The situation changes when he finds out that Maya has lied. He locks her in the cabin until they reach The Meteor on which her father is supposed to be.

Once they reach The Meteor, the truth unfolds. Maya is a runaway. Her father is dead. He fell overboard from The Meteor and lost at sea ten days ago. Maya had decided to find him and bring him home.

From this moment on, Ma‎ya will challenge everyone's convictions about what is possible. Daring to ask how far anyone would go, to keep their promise, and bring home the one they love. It will be impossible to dismiss her strength and commitment to her beloved father which will be an inspiration to all.

Eventually, Maya will need to discover her own strengths and accept reality and life even at the pain and price of loss.

In a world where death is as natural as life, there is no manual on how to cope with such deep loss. This inspiring story of a young girls' difficult journey in discovering how to cope with loss and grief is as intimate as it is universal.  A journey of insight into oneself, one that leaves footprints on the heart, body and soul.

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