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Avi Nesher


Avi Nesher, Noam Shpancer, Kate Walbert






English, Hebrew



Eloise Horne – a renowned American psychologist – is invited to deliver a prestigious lecture series at Jerusalem's Hebrew University. Horne is not sure whether she should travel to the Middle East or not – the recent passing of her beloved father has left her shaken and unstable. Besides, Horne is aware that a current visit to Jerusalem carries with it political overtones, and as Horne is fiercely apolitical she is not looking to get caught up in any such turmoil.

All that changes when Horne discovers that Daniel Gottlieb – an old flame she never quite got over – lives now in Jerusalem. Moreover, it turns out that Gottlieb is embroiled in a fierce custody battle over his son, and he is badly in need of Horne's professional expertise.

The two meet after Horne's first lecture. Gottlieb confides in Horne that his Jerusalem-born wife has, shockingly enough, recently joined a pagan cult that worships the sexuality and fertility goddess – Ashera. Gottlieb knows this sounds very strange but he has solid proof that leads him to fear that his son might be in grave danger.

Horne decides to help her former beau – these last few years her life has lacked passion, and reuniting with Gottlieb might rekindle emotions that have long been lying dormant. What seems at first to be a second chance at a meaningful life soon takes surprising, alarming turns. Horne is swept into a vortex of suspicion and danger. In Jerusalem nothing is what it seems to be and often it is difficult to tell friend from foe. It is a holy city but also a very dangerous one – the pagan cult is very much for real but this is not the only problem Horne is facing…

The cold and analytical Horne must adapt quickly to a new reality – she cannot rely on reason alone – she must let her emotions and instincts take over.  Saving the life of a little boy now depends on her willingness to forgo her isolationist attitude and get involved. The thrilling and suspenseful climax takes Horne into the very heart of Jerusalem's darkness – even if she makes it out intact, she will never be quite the same again… 





















Past Tense

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