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David Ofek, Yosi Madmony

Yosi Madmony, David Ofek, Lior Shefer


Victor Ida

Reimond Abecasis

Israel Breit

Dana Ivgi


Micha Shagrir, Lior Shefer


Metro communications – David Silber & Micky Rabinovitz

United King Films – Moshe & Leon Edri


8 May 2003

35 mm

89 min

Hebrew, English


Israel in the late 80s: the first Intifada events. A wild barbecue feast takes place on the green hills bordering a small workers town, as an immigrant Iraqi family celebrates the 40th Independence Day.

As it moves through the different stories of the family members, the plot portrays a complex past where different individual stories intersect and are revealed in a new light. Throughout the story, step by step, the past intermingle with the present. We understand that 40 years ago, beneath the green hill on which the joyful barbeque takes place now, once stood a Palestine village and an Israeli bunker. Now everything is green. These individual stories, so strange and yet so typical, intertwine so as to weave the story of a family, which, in turn, partakes in the epos of a nation, the epos of Israel.

The film’s major actors are non-actors. It was shot in film 35, and combines direct documentary monologues in video, that cut the story and add an authentic-documentary touch to the complex fiction structure. 


Awards of the Israeli Film Academy 2002 (nominee)

Mar del Plata Film Festival 2003 (winner)

São Paulo International Film Festival 2003 (nominee)

Washington DC Independent Film Festival 2004 (winner)



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