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Haim Tabakman

Haim Tabakman

Amit Ron

Efrat Ben Zur

Avi Kushnir
Gil Frank


Metro Communications – David Silber

United King Films – Moshe & Leon Edri

Ronen Ben Tal – Plan B Productions

Vandertastic Films – Haneke Van der Tas

Opus Films - Ewa Puszcynska

Les Films du Lendemain – Kristina Larson

3/22/2017 (France)

7/26/2018 (Israel)



Hebrew, Polish


Go 2 Films

Yoel and Eva have been happily married for many years.

Eva is a holocaust survivor and suffers from a heart condition.

When Eva's health deteriorates, Yoel sells off his business and commits to her care. Now that he has the time, he decides to organize his back yard shed.

Looking through old documents, Yoel stumbles upon a bank document informing him of a lien on a piece of property he owns, a property Yoel knows nothing about. When he addresses the bank in the matter, he is told that he should ask his wife since she is signed on the purchase document.

Yoel, not wanting to burden Eva, decides to find out for himself what the property is used for.

This decision will change both their lives forever.


Tokyo International Film Festival 2016

Haifa International Film Festival 2017

Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts – Cinema Project

Arte France

Polish Film Institute

MFG Filmförderung

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