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DIRECTOR: Esty Shushan

Ruth, a young ultra-orthodox Jewish mother, faces a devastating tragedy one morning. Her husband Shmuel, a brilliant Torah scholar destined for greatness, accidentally causes the death of their only child Srulik, a charming toddler who was looking forward to his first haircut on his third birthday.

The loss of their son shatters their dreams and fills them with unbearable grief. For the first time in her life, Ruth begins to question and challenge her role in society. While Shmuel seeks absolution in traditional ways, Ruth pursues practical solutions and defiant acts of independence within the confines of her strict religious community.

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DIRECTOR: Emmanuel Finkiel

Mariana’s Room is based on Aharon Appelfeld’s masterpiece, “Blooms of Darkness”. The story
revolves around Hugo, who spends over a year hidden in Mariana’s room in a brothel during
WW2. As the war rages on outside the vibrant brothel, Hugo and Mariana form an intimate yet
complex bond of love, loyalty and devotion - one that will change their lives forever.



Based on the Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer's masterpiece, The tale of an impossible love between Jacob, a Jewish slave sold to a peasant farmer in seventeenth-century Poland, and Wanda, the farmer’s Christian daughter. It is the story of a man and woman from distant and disparate worlds, their lives divided by an impenetrable wall of suspicion and hostility, and yet they fall in love and cling to one another even as their decision to do so irrevocably changes the course of their lives.


Aviv, 19, a young army soldier is accused of being responsible for a tragic terrorist attack on his base, in which his best friend was killed. 15 years later, still traumatized and burdened by the incident, he steals a reserves draft order mistakenly sent to his deceased friend, and enlists to a unit headed by his former commander who previously led the accusations against him.


A romantic comedy that tells the intertwined story of five villagers; a young equestrian after a double defeat in love and work - who meets the man of her dreams, and four lively and amusing elderly farmers, aware of their age. All five face a similar crossroad – Love. What to do about love? As life has its own dynamics; love overcomes obstacles and paves its way for each of them.

Screenplay by: Naomi R. Azar


Following the suicide of 15-year-old Ismahan, her mother and brother, set off on a journey to find the person responsible for her death and exact a blood vengeance on him. But the two will soon learn that many forces are at play to prevent them from learning the truth.

Set within the Bedouin communities of southern Israel, ASKUNI tells the story of an exceptional heroine challenging the very culture she grew up in.

Screenplay by: Dafna Feldman


The murder of a charismatic and controversial Orthodox Jew in 1920s British Mandatory Palestine shatters a tense peace, dragging a cast of colorful characters with competing agendas into a conflict that will forever shape the Middle East.


A feature length comedy by Ori Katz.

Based on 6, sometimes intertwined, short stories depicting personal experiences from and following the events of October 7th, and trying to examine the ways a national cataclysm affects individuals in Israel.

A young soldier's seeking love before going to war; a Tinder match with a reported hostage; Small-time criminals who grow a conscience; and more…


55yo Malachi juggles between assisting shell-shocked combat veterans, and executing spectacular acts of revenge against THE SYSTEM with his cohorts.

after losing a friend to suicide, they decide to rob the national medical cannabis warehouse and break into the ministry’s computers to recognize themselves as IDF disabled. The demanding preparations and the extreme operation will allow them to demand the recognition they deserve.


In a hotel room, Amos and his mistress Ella are rehearsing for the moment when Amos finally tells his wife, Esther, that after 25 years of marriage, he wants a divorce.

Meanwhile Esther is busy translating a book about love which unsettles her, and with her ongoing menopause which changes her body and desires.

A mold stain behind the recently dismantled kitchen cabinets begs the question: what stains will she find if she dismantles her marriage.

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