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Udi Aloni

Udi Aloni, Paul Hond


Itay Tiran
Moni Moshonov

Makram Khoury

Clara Khoury


Metro communications – David Silber

Lemore Syvan

Udi Aloni


United king Films – Moshe & Leon Edri

Micky Rabinovitz

Andre Malignac

Sigal Primor 


21 Sep 2006

35 mm

104 min

Hebrew, English


David (Itay Tiran), a young American Jew, joins the Israeli army and finds himself shooting a Palestinian girl. He is committed to a mental institution that sits on top of the ruins of a Palestinian Village (Deir Yassin). The ghosts of the murdered villagers try to communicate with David through a Holocaust survivor known as Muselmann (Moni Moshonov) who is a patient in the mental hospital. While Muselmann writes to make David listen to the ghosts, Doctor Shemesh, the chief psychiatrist (Makram Khoury) gives David a new anti-trauma drug that eliminates a problematic part of his memory. David's father, a Holocaust survivor as well, tries to rescue his son by bringing him to New York, where David treats himself with the drug and tries to live a normal life. There, David falls in love with Lila (Clara Khoury), a Palestinian-American young mother. Amal, her daughter, looks like the girl who David killed. Will David escape his trauma by drawing his own destiny? Will he discover that, even in New York, he is haunted by his demons? 


Awards of the Israeli Film Academy 2006

Jerusalem Film Festival 2006

Tokyo International Film Festival 2006



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