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Graham Guit

Michael Lellouche


Fanny Ardant

Gérard Depardieu

Lior Ashkenazi

Sasson Gabai

Dana Ivgi


Metro communications – David Silber

United King Films – Moshe & Leon Edri

Babe Films - Fabio Conversi


11 June 2009


99 min



Alain and Gisèle Gaash upper class Parisians in their fifties, have been married for thirty years! They are Jewish and have a son who will soon get married with a Catholic. It’s time to think about it all…

They decide to go to Israel, in search for their identity. This trip appears to be idyllic, a perfect honeymoon. Against the opinion of their friends and family, they decide to settle there, and start their live all over again.

But reality quickly appears to be different from their dream: housing problems, difficulties of finding a job, local mood... The couple starts to fall apart. While Gisele finds her way through spirituality, Alain is left apart.

A well known Gynecologist in Paris, he will only find a car washer position in a luxury hotel. Gisele, on her side, starts developing an ambiguous complicity with a young, gorgeous and athletic rabbi. Alain is starting to seriously worry about his marriage, especially the day Gisèle advises him to get circumcise.

Alain makes all the possible efforts to adapt, but he encounters more and more problems  and Gisele seems more and more distant everyday...Alain is ready to pack and get back to France, as for Gisèle, she wants to stay. But they will end up understanding that the most important of all is love, true love, here or anywhere else.




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