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Udi Aloni

Oren Moverman, Tamer Nafar


Tamer Nafer

Samar Qupty
Salwa Nakkara
Saeed Dassuki
Adeeb Safadi 
Tarik Copti
Sameh "SAZ" Zakout
Ayed Fadel
Hisham Suliman
Maryam Abu Khaled
Michael Moshonov
Maisa Abd Elhadi


Metro communications – David Silber

United King Films – Moshe & Leon Edri

X-Films – Stefn Arendt

Blackbird Pictures - Lawrence Inglee

Dig the Movie – Udi Aloni


February 13, 2016 (Germany)

April 15, 2016 (USA)

May 5, 2016 (Israel)


96 min

Arabic, Hebrew


The Match Factory


Junction 48 is the love story of two young Palestinian hip-hop artists who use their music to fight against both the external oppression of Israeli society and the internal repression of their own crime-ridden, conservative community. It depicts a new generation of young Arabs who seek normality through their love and music—and against all odds. 


Inspired by true events in the life of rapper Tamer Nafar, Junction 48 is the love story of Kareem and Manar, two young Palestinian musicians from a crime-ridden 'hood in Lyd, an impoverished city of both Arabs and Jews just 20 minutes away from Tel Aviv. 
Kareem leads an aimless life between office work, brothels, and his drug-dealing friends. His parents, politically conscious musicians, are constantly disappointed by his choices in life. After his father is killed in a car crash, his mother has a spiritual awakening and becomes a Qur'anic healer. 
The turmoil throws Kareem deep into the world of gangs, love, hip-hop, and a journey to seek normality against all odds. 


Berlinale 2016 - Panorama Special - Audience Award Winner

Tribeca International Film Festival 2016 - Best International Narrative Feature



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