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Reshef Levy

Reshef Levy, Regev Levy


Michael Moshonov

Oshri Cohen

Orly Silbershatz

Shmil Ben Ari

Ofer Shechter

Yuval Scharf


United King Films – Moshe & Leon Edri

Metro Communications – David Silber

Inosan Productions - Mosh Danon


3 July 2008

35 mm

103 min



The year is 1980. The Levis, a large family with a unique lifestyle, live in what was then a rather naive State of Israel. Mr. Levi lectures his children daily on the importance of fulfilling their dreams, while his wife preaches absolute family loyalty. The family’s twin boys both fall in love with a new girl in town. Erez, our hero, discovers how difficult it is to balance family loyalty against fulfillment of one’s personal dreams. Matters become increasingly complicated when Erez somehow causes a severe family crisis. Beset by guilt feelings, he attempts to escape his fate, somehow exchanging dreams with his twin brother. He is drafted into a commando unit of the Israeli Army, just as his brother always dreamed of doing, while Ofer remains at home to take care of his broken family and has an affair with the love of Erez’s life. Can Erez challenge destiny? Of what value is the life of someone who does not fulfill his dreams? These are the questions addressed in the nostalgic autobiographical film Lost Islands.


Awards of the Israeli Film Academy 2008 – Winner: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Costume Design, Best Music

Zurich Film Festival 2009



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