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WAIT FOR ME (2022)

עד שתחזור פוסטר.jpg

Maya (16), runs away from home on the family sailboat, her destination is the port of Larnaca where a cargo ship is docked and Maya's father supposily works on. Maya is a sea scout instructor and manages to get to Larnaca despite some difficulties, among them a strange light in the sea that intrigues her. When she finally arrives to her destination, she witness the cargo ship departing for its next destination - Crete. Maya tries to follow it but the engine of her boat fails and she's stuck alone at the foreign port. At home Maya's mother discovers she is missing and with her brother who had just returned from the army because of behaviour problems, they try to figure out what is going on. The day after, Maya meets Nikos, a 34 years old skipper, that offers Maya to fix the boat's engine on the condition that she'll accept to take him with her to Crete. Not having another option, she agrees. On the journey to Crete the atmosphere is a bit strained as Maya is not sure she can trust Nikos and Nikos feels that Maya is hiding something. After Maya sees again the mysterious light in the water and "falls" into the sea, Nikos  hears on the radio that the maritime police is looking for Maya. He looks into her bag and discovers he knows Maya's father. Nikos locks Maya in the cabin and takes her directly to the cargo ship in Crete, there, in front of the captain, the truth unfolds and we discover what Maya really wants. From this moment on, Maya challenges everyone's convictions about how far she is ready to go in order to find and bring home her father. In the sea world, where death is as natural as life, Maya inspiring journey awakes the senses and leaves footprints on the heart, body and soul. Just like the sea.


Sari Azoulay Turgeman


Hallel Yannay Shani 

Daniel Litman

Adi Gilat

Ofek Pesach

Moris Cohen


Ronen Machlis Balzam 

David Silber

Hila Guy

Moshe & Leon Edery



Warsaw International Film Festival - Official Selection

VVFILMF Kids & Teens International Film Festival

Coliseum International Film Festival - Winner - Best International Film

Jerusalem Women Film Festival 

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